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Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm an angry feminist? How are you NOT an angry feminist?


From time to time, someone will ask me why I get so angry and/or passionate about women's rights, or they attempt to glean insight on the ulterior motive they assume I *must* have if I'm a man who speaks forcefully on feminist issues.

It's as simple as this... I imagine a world in which everything is reversed: men have never served as president or vice president, they only make up 20% of the Senate, only 18% of the House, only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs, are barred from ordination in major religions that influence our politics, are objectified and commercialized like products, are 19x more likely to be raped or sexually-assaulted, are the victims of some form of sexual harassment on a daily basis, and are consistently and subconsciously informed that they exist as an extension of male entitlement.

I think of other things... like what if men had laws regulating their discharge of semen (potential human life)? Or if men were constantly told they were weaker and less intelligent? Or if men were culturally pressured to choose between being professionally successful and being a "good father"? Or told that they aren't good leaders? Or if they were targeted as "lying" or "slutty" if they came forward about being raped?

Or if every aspect of my sexuality was scrutinized because I lack the "right" parts?

And this only covers a fraction of what crosses my mind when I try to imagine what it would be like if the situation were reversed, if it were *my* rights and quality of life being directly and pervasively affected because of my gender.

You shouldn't be asking me why I'm angry; you should be asking yourself why you are NOT angry.


  1. This is short and sweet, and very well put. THANK YOU. As a writer, I must sympathize...I came out with a feminist article earlier this week about how I wanted to be respected for my work as a professional and not for the shape of my body. I was trolled pretty hard by a guy who said that he was going f*cking rape me because I was a f*cking whore, and that he and his friends would behead me. I had another peron on Reddit say that my desire to be respected as an equal was nothing more than entitlement. I wonder if it'll make any difference on the comments and reaction because you are a man writing about feminism, instead of a woman? Like, because it's a man saying "respect the women", it's suddenly okay. That sort of turns the whole thing around again, but anyway, we need more men like you in the world so we can have support from both sides. Thanks for being awesome. If you want to read my article you can find it here thanks again for your powerful words. -Kat Vallera

    1. I gave you the wrong link, my bad! again, thanks for being awesome.

  2. Same old talking points from the same old ridiculous feminists. Nobody is stopping women from running for office but I guess actually doing work is just a little too much. Nobody is stopping women from being CEO's either but again, you have to actually WORK. As for the religion, I couldn't care less.

  3. Women now make up over half the voting population. Why don't they just get together and vote those privileged white men out of office?

    1. Feminists don't really want equality. They want equal outcome. They want to bypass the "work" to get to the benefits.

    2. Feminist:
      1. advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equat to men.
      2. (noun) an advocate of such rights.

      In there, anywhere, did you notice anything that said women don't want to work for their so called 'benefits' as you said it? Perhaps the 'benefits' you are looking down on are because you simply do not understand the basic root of the problem?

      Have you ever had to fear being raped upon walking home from work? Had a shiver or shudder of revulsion when someone openly stared at you in a sexually charged manner yet...could not speak up about it? Have you ever had to forcibly remove yourself from a party because someone wouldn't respect your personal space or wishes not to be touched? Have you ever been drugged in order to be used like a piece of toilet paper that just simply gets flushed and forgotten? Have you ever had to sit in a clinic, wondering what kind of hateful things people were going to say to you because you wound of pregnant after your date forced themselves upon you? Have you ever had to simply live as a sexualized object? Have you ever been told repeatedly to lose weight and become more 'desirable' only to be slapped down when you happen to wear clothing that maybe reveals too much in other's opinions?

      If you have, than I'm sure you would completely understand why Feminists of ANY gender would be angry, passionate, or ready to stand up against such painful things. I don't think men are monsters; in fact, I find them quite nice. But there are those out there that seem to deny the fact that, yes...monsters do exist. They are the rapists, child molesters, and murderers that get by with their crimes every day.

  4. "Have you ever had to fear being raped upon walking home from work?" Maybe I should:


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