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Monday, March 18, 2013

CNN is right. Rapists are the REAL victims.

[Special thanks to Angela Boyle]

I am just SO happy to know there is a brave news organization out there that is speaking the truth on our rape culture in this country. CNN, America's most trusted name in news, wasted no time in identifying the *actual* victims in yesterday's verdict of the Steubenville rape trial: the rapists.

Here's Poppy Harlow, CNN Correspondent:

I’ve never experienced anything like it, Candy. It was incredibly emotional — incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believe their life fell apart.
One of — one of the young men, Ma’lik Richmond, when that sentence came down, he collapsed. He collapsed in the arms of his attorney, Walter Madison. He said to me, “My life is over. No one is going to want me now.”
Very serious crime here. Both found guilty of raping this 16- year-old girl at a series of parties back in August, alcohol-fueled parties. Alcohol is a huge part in this.
Here's Candy Crowley, CNN Media Personality:

 I want to bring in Paul Callan, our CNN legal contributor.
You know, Paul, a 16-year-old now just sobbing in court, regardless of what big football players they are, still sound like 16 year olds. The other one, 17. A 16-year-old victim.
The thing is, when you listen to it and you realize that they could stay until they’re 21, they are going to get credit for time served. What’s the lasting effect, though, on two young men being found guilty in juvenile court of rape, essentially?

And here's Paul Callen, CNN Legal Contributor:

 That will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Employers, when looking up their background, will see they’re registered sex offender. When they move into a new neighborhood and somebody goes on the Internet where these things are posted. Neighbors will know they’re a registered sex offender.
It’s really something that will have a lasting impact. Much more of a lasting impact than going to a juvenile facility for one or two years.

Candy Crowley did manage to mention the "victim" in passing:

Paul, thanks. I want to bring Poppy back in — because, Poppy, there’s — you know, the 16-year-old victim, her life, never the same, again. And I understand you have been talking to some of the families involved.

And Poppy responded, in part:

Her life never the same again. Absolutely, Candy. The last thing she wanted to do was sit on that stand and testify. She didn’t want to bring these charges. She said it was up to her parents.

I am so completely proud of CNN for their coverage of this trial. They made it known the actual victims here are the rapists.

I mean, as was mentioned, "alcohol was involved", so really, the "victim" (if you can call her that) should be blamed for drinking and allowing herself to be raped. I'm sure her clothes played a part in it. As did her staying out late.

As we all know: drunk means yes, skirts mean yes, no means yes, having a vagina means yes, being outside means yes, simply existing as a female means yes...

And if she flirted with her "attackers" beforehand, well, that just seals the deal. There's more than enough evidence here to convict this young woman for ruining the lives of her attackers.

But--get this--can you believe there are actually no laws on the books that make it illegal for a person to allow themselves to be raped? Crazy.

In the interest of mitigating the damage here, I call on Congress and state lawmakers to get a bill passed that deters rape "victims" from allowing themselves to be raped. Here are some helpful guidelines:

- Women should be prohibited from drinking alcohol. In fact, they should be banned from consuming non-alcoholic drinks without testing them for "date rape" drugs, first.

- If a woman is raped, she should be a given a year in prison for every inch the hem of her skirt sits above her knees. That will send a clear signal to women that it's not okay to tempt men into raping them.

- Failure to carry a rape whistle or take a self-defense class or possess a handgun in her purse is automatic grounds for being charged with "attempt to instigate rape".

- If a woman walks alone outside after dark, she's clearly looking to get men to rape her. Thus, she should be charged.

- There should be a "no actually means yes" clause somewhere in this bill. Women aren't actually human beings and therefore, are incapable of saying what they actually mean.

- If a woman is gang-raped, she should not have a concurrent charge but face prosecution for every individual man she forced to rape her in this incident.

- Men are human beings, but they can't control themselves, and it's wrong of any of us to expect that of them. So, I think we can all agree all charges for rapists should be dropped in the future. They aren't at fault here.

Gosh, I just really want to thank CNN for starting this revolution against rape victims. They never said we should have laws on the books nor did they come out and explicitly blame the victim, but I think we can all understand what they're getting at.

Let's take this ball and run with it, just like the Steubenville rapists did.

We must be united against rape victims in their ongoing attempts to ruin the lives of "predatory" men.

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